where conversation sparks change

Natter, a volunteer-led community in Manchester where conversation sparks change. A supportive environment for sharing knowledge and empowering individuals, whether you're an industry newcomer or seasoned professional. A monthly meetup, complemented by a variety of engagement opportunities like speaking, hosting, and volunteering, are the heart of our community.

We cover a broad spectrum, from UX and UI Design to Leadership and Career Growth, fostering a network of future thinkers and leaders. Natter is about inclusivity and support, offering a platform for everyone to grow, connect, and thrive in our digital city.

So, let's start with a natter – a simple conversation that could lead to something extraordinary.

why the name?

After much thought and discussion, we landed on the name "NATTER" – a word that's as intriguing as it is inviting. It's a nod to our local roots, capturing the essence of a laid-back, friendly chat, the kind that draws you in and makes you feel right at home.

"NATTER" isn't just a name; it's an experience we promise, one that's memorable and effortlessly engaging. It's a playful whisper in the world of names, hinting at the rich tapestry of conversations and connections that await.

With "NATTER," we're not just organising events; we're weaving a community fabric that's vibrant, inclusive, and bursting with stories.

our volunteers

Our team working behind the scenes to give event goers the best possible experience.

Volunteer Dorsa Mokhtari


Volunteer James Rand


Volunteer Kully Patel


Volunteer Lee Jeffery


Volunteer Marta Grabowska


Volunteer Nathan Ulett


Volunteer Reece Flaherty